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Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Here I am, settling in to my new blog home at

Easy to remember:

Grow Write Repeat Dot IE

I’ve moved from my old blog to here. But fear not, it’ll be business as usual. Admittedly, there are some teething troubles. That’s to be expected.

For users: there are two ways to follow my new blog.

1. Using the WordPress Reader, search for Select the Sites Tab and tap the follow button.

2. Using a browser, go to If you are not logged into your WP account, you’ll need to do so, then search as above. You will be presented with my old blog and new one. Follow the new one and unfollow the old if you wish.

I’m still working on options for non-WP users. Please bear with me.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Almost)”

  1. I enjoy reading about fellow gardeners endeavors. I garden in upstate NY. I am currently trying to plante all thise great sale plants I purchased into the ground before cold weather. Then I will have to plant all the bulbs I ordered that have not yet arrived. Among the many I am planting corydalis solida.

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