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Jingle Bells

I’ve surfaced just in time to wish all my friends and gardening acquaintances a very Happy Christmas.

I’ve had a Rip Van Winkle moment, and here I am after a long break! I’ve surfaced just in time to wish all my friends and gardening acquaintances a very Happy Christmas.

I hope that this Christmas is a good one for you all despite everything. Very likely, there’s a mixture of joy and sadness for so many families, but most of all I’m writing this with a hopeful heart.

Winter is a wonderful time of the year. I’m probably in a minority, but I do like it. I’m reminded to slow down, take things easy, wrap up and stay cosy with loved ones.

My friends will be very aware of my love/hate relationship with social media. I’m thankful that the elastic snapped a few months ago. I’m grateful for the joy of seeing like-minded gardeners but my continued use of FB and IG does not sit well with me. Thus, for the moment at any rate, my gardening updates will be here, and here alone.

As we face into another new year, I wish you happiness and good health.

25th December 2021,


18 thoughts on “Jingle Bells”

  1. Merry Christmas, Padraig – it’s lovely to have you back! I’m with you totally on the subject of social media, my blog is the only one I indulge in . . . too much gardening and living to do. Christmas Day here is building a new garden shed from an old one then a big meal and some bubbly tonight. Not very traditional but hey. Enjoy a restful season, your garden looks great in its winter plumage. šŸ˜Š

  2. Happy Christmas, Lis! Building a shed? If Marion gets a whiff of that, I’m done for!
    Then, on top of all the festivities, our daughter MĆ©abh popped on a beautiful engagement ring! The best Christmas!
    Enjoy the day and the bubbly. To your good health…

  3. Just delighted to see you reappear, PĆ”draig! It is a good Christmas present for me – wait, am I writing under the influence of those two large glasses of whiskey that I have excused as an appetiser before the main event of the day? No, not at all. Delighted to have your garden posts appear again. Best wishes to yourself and Marian for Christmas and the New Year and I look forward to your future posts.

    1. Your message spammed! But fear not, I rescued you from that infamous folder. Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit. In my case, the appetiser was Baileys. There’s a common denominator…

  4. PĆ”draig, Happy New Year to you! I too took a break (from just about everything last year)! Definitely glad I left FB and Twitter! Although my follows took a sever plunge! Life goes on however! Your garden is looking as good as ever! Have you been riding much? Hubby got an indoor bike on a trainer and rides miles and miles everyday following cyclists all around the world! They do Zoom! I am really hoping our travel plans are a go this year…….If they are not, I may have to change the name of my blog! Ha ha! Let me know what you are up to! Cady

    1. Happy New Year, Cady! I’m happy in my decision not to contribute to a company that seems to have very low moral standards.
      I’m cycling plenty, considering it’s winter. In fact I enjoy winter cycling, at an enjoyable easy pace.
      I tried indoor cycling and it’s not for me, although the newer connected machines likely help with motivation.
      Your Christmas card is in your inbox…

      1. Haven’t found my card, but thank you for sending one! Hubby got the indoor bike although it is on one of our outdoor covered porches. It is called a sleeping porch in the South. In the old days folks, had sleeping porches, which were cooler to sleep in during the hot and humid months. We use ours all the time and it overlooks the woodlands so its like riding outside to a degree. He puts on his winter gear to ride when the temps drop! That bike adjusts to climbing hills and everything and all the gears change so he is really happy with it and I am glad he no longer rides outside on the streets! Too many near misses…….folks don’t pay attention and we don’t have many bike paths or lanes either! I hope this year gets better than last year, I want to travel again! Keep in touch! Cady

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