Garden writing lifts me up.


“Are you enjoying your garden this summer? I mean: are you really enjoying it? This may seem a daft question, as most gardens are reaching the height of interest. What I mean is, are you taking the time to enjoy it, rather than just making sure you have completed all your tasks? I have to keep reminding myself to do that. It’s easy to get so caught up in the process that you forget to appreciate everything your hard work and planning has created. Just sit and watch the bees and butterflies lapping up the fruits of your labour – it’s good for your health. This is also the time to take a look at what has worked well (and what you’d like to improve or change). Take the time to appreciate it all: you’ve earned it!”


I came upon this from the editor of Amateur Gardening magazine. I think it says something that I (we) may sometimes forget.


4 thoughts on “Enjoying”

  1. I’m bad at switching off and simply enjoying the garden, usually thinking about what I could improve, move or prune. However, if there are bees and other wildlife about, watching them go about their business can help distract me for a while.

  2. When I find myself doing the headless chicken act round the garden, I go back to a favourite quotation from Alicia Bay Laurel: “Find a little bit of land somewhere and plant a carrot seed. Now sit down and watch it grow. When it is fully grown, pull it up and eat it.” Wise words!

  3. Most of my time in the garden is spent working, and it is work this gardening thing for nothing would get done without some effort being put in. The work is essential but it is important to take time to simply stand and stare, to just look and see what is beautiful. I find I do this best with a camera in my hands for this prompts me to look more carefully, to seek out something attractive and beautiful. I rarely (never!) just sit and do nothing in the garden. The nearest to that is having dinner outdoors – not this evening though as it is still raining here which is why I am here reading your post – and why you were indoors writing it, I suppose! We could be doing worse!

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