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It’s my first time growing hydrangea. It has only taken me thirty something years to take the plunge, and I’m delighted that I did. It’s still just a little thing but already I can see that it’s strong and healthy. I’m told that hydrangea will grow very well in a pot and if this proves to be so, I may add another.

Here’s the bigger picture… or should that be smaller, I’m wondering?

Perhaps a little something to trail down over the sides of the pot? That can’t be right… a circular pot doesn’t have sides. In any case, I know what I mean.

Finally, just for comparison, here’s a photo from June last year. There’s nothing surer than that the garden is continually changing.

Slán go fóill.

4 thoughts on “Hydrangea”

  1. Hydrangeas are excellent garden plants, Pádraig. You will need to keep it well watered in the pot but I imagine watering is part of your routine. We were through Dungarvan yesterday on the way to Lismore and dropped in to the co-op and picked up a few plants. Always a good selection there. Some heat yesterday, 22C in Lismore!

  2. Anything between 18 and low 20’s suits me fine. Above that I need extra watering.
    Great quality plants in Glanbia… I also like Ballinlough.

  3. What a gorgeous pink colour! It definitely brightens up the patio! I have a couple of hydrangeas in the garden, both grown from cuttings, and neither has flowered. I think I will try one in a pot to see if it does any better than the one in the ground.

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