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Normal Is Overrated

Normally, leeks would be harvested and eaten before the middle of June. Normally, December to March might be about right, I think. In any case, there’s nothing approaching normal happening here. Nothing normal at all.

I don’t fully understand it myself. Normally, I’d class myself as reasonably normal. But, when the leeks were fully ripe, I left them in the ground. By Easter, I wondered to myself how long I’d leave them there. Likely, at that stage, if I had lifted them and got them as far as a saucepan of boiling water, the flavour would not have been at its best. Far from it, I fear.

So, I continued with the waiting game. I’m still at it, as can clearly be seen. The leeks are bursting into flower.

Again, in my attempt to view matters in a normal manner, I’ve reminded myself that leeks attain a height of about 30-40cm. However these ones are monsters. Admittedly they’re growing on a raised bed, but you may still be shocked to know that this photograph was taken from chin height (which is just about right for smartphone photos). Finally, for additional clarification I’d class myself as being of normal height. All of this information should add context to the monsters above, but you may now be wondering how on earth did I shoot the first photo!

I’m reminded somehow of Russian minarets.

This is indeed not normal at all. Leeks and Russian churches are very far apart on the natural scale of things.

I’m beginning to wonder if it might be prudent to seek membership of the Irish Leek Growers Association? Or perhaps, I’ll just pass on that for 2022.

6 thoughts on “Normal Is Overrated”

  1. I cut my flowers today for part of wedding flower bouquets. They are stunning mixed with other seasonal flowers. Once they flower they are a bit tough to chew☺️

  2. Watch to see if they are the latest fashion at ‘Bloom’ or ‘Chelsea’ Flower Shows next year! I think they’re stunning. Will you harvest the seed?

    1. I may do that, Rachel, although I don’t have good track record of keeping seed correctly.
      Bees are busy around the few that are open. Lovely to watch.

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