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The Living Is Easy

Following on from words of wisdom from GARRY COWARD-WILLIAMS earlier this week, here’s something very similar from Lucy Hall. Lucy is the editor of Gardeners’ World.

Summertime – and the livin’ is easy… Well, Gershwin may not have been a gardener but he (and his lyricist) wrote the song for us all to live by through the months of July and August. Now is the moment when our gardens accelerate into overdrive, fuelled by long days and warm nights. It’s our role to keep the engine heading in the right direction – and enjoy the ride!

Lucy Hall

I spotted the male blackbird this morning checking to see if the Ash berries are ripe. He sent a few minutes hoping from cluster to cluster before moving off. A few nibbles were nibbled but I feel it’s a bit like how humans like steak. If he’s very hungry he’ll devour the berries even before they’re fully ripe in case another blackbird gets there first. On the other hand, he may be patient until the perfect moment.

Perhaps that’s all waffle!

One thought on “The Living Is Easy”

  1. I left the garden behind for the morning yesterday and went off in search of a very rare orchid, never previously recorded in Ireland, but was back on task in the afternoon. We have a large population of blackbirds here and fruit has to be protected from them or there would be nothing for us.

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