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Just A Thought

In January 2023, six months from now, I’ll be looking forward to what lies ahead for the new garden season! The wheel of life keeps turning.

I’ve a regular morning meditation (link here) that I like very much. Part of it speaks of the notion that there are two ways of thinking… in fact it’s a quote from Albert Einstein.

One, is to see nothing as a miracle. The other is to see everything as a miracle.

Albert Einstein

In high summer, it’s so easy to see the miracles in the garden. On the other hand, in the depths of next winter, when the beautiful flower colours are gone, it’s not so easy to realise there are miracles aplenty. But there are! My challenge is to look deeper.

For now, I’m enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s low twenties here, with a light cooling sea breeze. There’ll be outdoor dining for the coming week, and a refreshing evening beer. Life is good.

Update a few hours later…

The title “Just A Thought” put me thinking. That’s what thoughts do! Anyway, it’s a phrase commonly used. I’ve heard of some serious “Thought For The Day” radio or podcast stuff, and some are quite good. However, the “Just A Thought” phrase can diminish the incredible power of all thoughts. We are all who we are because of every single thought we’ve had, and the cumulative effects of how we’ve processed everything. That’s pretty powerful! We are who we are because of our thoughts.

Don’t overthink all this. Smell the roses. Get out for some good fresh air. This heatwave has my brain fried!

7 thoughts on “Just A Thought”

  1. The middle of winter can be quite dull, until you start planning what spring and summer will look like! You have some beautiful flowering plants on display. I particularly love the little pansy (or is it Viola?); what incredible markings on the flowers.

    1. Truthfully, I’ve not ever fully understood the difference between viola and pansy. The thing is that they look great!

  2. Dining outdoors! We stopped at the Seaview Restaurant during the week – situated between the soccer field in Abbeyside and Abbeyside Strand.

    1. Been there. Lovely spot.

      May was better than June for a bit of outdoor dining. We’d best make the best of this spell fad is a leanann sé.

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