Garden writing lifts me up.

Welcome to my garden journal. I hope that you will read some of what I have written, and that you’ll be back if what I write appeals to you.

There’s a cycling phrase used by the professionals. It is called Eat Sleep Repeat. I tried it but I’m too old to be a pro. However, my interest in gardening, and my knowledge of my inner workings, leads me to an understanding of how important writing is for me. So I changed the cycling phrase to suit my purposes. What are the three important elements of my gardening?

Thus, my garden diary is called GrowWriteRepeat.

Ten little insights:

Sometimes, I try to bring up some world issues in my writing. I do so as a way of clarifying my own moral compass. In other words, views are my own, but I’d be happy to think that writing has an influence on others.

I am a native speaker of the Irish language, sadly in severe decline (the language, that is, not me!). In an attempt to spread awareness, I’d like to use a simple Irish phrase in my articles from time to time ó am go h-am. Linguists will likely guess the meaning from the context, and may use An Foclóir website or Wordhippo for assistance. Others might like to use Mrs. Google, or perhaps not. As my life-motto would remind me: No worries, a chara.

I would be thrilled if you would to read through some of my garden journal articles here, and that my writing might persuade you to stay for more.