Garden writing lifts me up.

Author: Pádraig


Happy Gardening

This ecard brings to you the fun and frolics of summer. Best viewed in landscape mode on phone, with sound on. Just click on the

Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – Colour My World

It’s easy to overlook a plant in decline. I’ll photograph this once a month, to savour the importance of seeing beauty after the first flush of youth and maturity.

No Words

Wildlife Wednesday

Resting now. I’m not sure who she is, but very welcome, I’d imagine. Pádraig.

Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – Here Comes Summer

While checking my three weather apps, I noticed that sunrise would be at 5:16am, so I got up just a bit earlier to get a photograph for the start of summer.

The Early Bee

    Yesterday was another very mild day. Mild enough for this large bee to be out and about, checking out all my glasshouse seedlings.

Primrose Lore

Garden centres are gearing up for the mad rush and gardeners are gearing up for visits to garden centre. Its a win-win situation. Before the

Caterpillar Hell

For the past number of years, I have grown some vegetables. In 2015 I had created two raised beds in order to make things easier


The rain began at lunchtime yesterday and it’s still at it. There was a very brief respite for about two hours after dusk. I had

Forcing The Rhubarb

Full moon and frost last night. Truth be told, the full moon is at 4pm today, but it looked full last night, measuring 99.3% just


The garden seats are put away and will not reappear until April. It’s just not warm enough to sit outside comfortably. But it is definitely

Let Spring Begin

Let spring begin! These small daffodils are called tete-à-tete. Standing at just 15cm, they are not prone to breaking in strong wind. I will have

Dust Bath for the Birds

I’ve been watching closely. Nature is amazing. I had scattered plenty of sand and gravel on this patch of ground under the Acer. It is

Alpine Phlox

When I started doing a short daily update four months ago, my brother said that it would be hard to find something to write about

In The Mood

Mine is a small suburban garden. It’s about 10 metres by 30, and it’s big enough to keep me satisfied. On the other hand, the

Three Things

Ajuga Black Scallop It’s another beautiful day here in Dungarvan. It is mild and dry with just a blustery wind to move things about. Things

Late Breakfast

There’s not much to do in my garden so we visited the beautiful town of Lismore. In the Vault Café, I was thrilled that they

Gift of an Apple Tree

I was given an apple tree back in 2012 (approx). I had loaned my spare bike to a student. She cycled regularly with our club

Cozy in the Glasshouse

Cold on the bikes at 9am today, as we headed on to Clashmore and Youghal Bridge. The wind picked up and we dodged all the