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Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – Second Thoughts

This week there’s beer and changed plans (not connected), frost and fun. Grab a coffee, put on your glasses and be open to a bit of mild garden fun.

My Gardening Week

A Death In The Family

With heavy heart, I write of a death in the family. Fifty-eight small seedlings froze to death in the glasshouse last night. When I heard

Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – GrowVeg

I discovered that there are several vegetables that will grow away slowly right through the winter. and I’m thrilled also because there’s no bolting.

That Polar Vortex

Thursday, January 31st: More severe weather today. This Arctic air is fair cold. It is not nearly as cold as the Polar Vortex that has

When Is a Weed Not A Weed?

The weather has turned a bit colder, yet not quite cold enough to hurt. I recorded no frost night this week, and the plants in