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Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – Colour My World

It’s easy to overlook a plant in decline. I’ll photograph this once a month, to savour the importance of seeing beauty after the first flush of youth and maturity.

Silent September Sunday

Sunday, 13th September 2020 Pádraig. GrowWriteRepeat | Social Links |GrowWriteRepeat | Blog Archive |

The Art Of Gardening At Number 15.

22nd October 2018. It all started when I was young. My mam had a small town front garden. It was just 20 feet wide by

Cheering Up My Monday #1

Pot Marigold: click for plant details Link to my earlier article about Marigolds It’s cold out there, but nonetheless, I hope you all have a


Starting off with one of my favourite photos, from 2007! I love growing marigolds. My mam grew them in our garden, as did many others