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Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – Jerusalema And Pressed Bamboo

I’ll give my love pressed bamboo leaves. I’d have included roses if V-Day were in summer. I know that pressed bamboo doesn’t quite cut the mustard, yet she understands my ways. It’s as good as an offer to help with the hoovering.

Six on Saturday

Six-on-Saturday – A Grand Oul Stretch

I’m noticing the grand oul stretch in the evening. There’s an extra one hour and forty minutes of daylight since the start of January, forty in the morning and a full hour at the other end. That’s why you don’t hear anyone saying there’s a grand oul stretch in the morning

My Gardening Week

Ahead of Myself

I took a look back to this day two years ago when I started the annual powerwashing. This is a real pain in the neck

Take 3

Just Three Things

Here we go again with my formerly-regular Just Three Things. In case you’re unfamiliar with this, I write regularly about my early morning wander down


Saturday, 2nd February: It’s that time of the year again. I’m forgetting about the plants for a short while to get the patio cleaned. Twelve